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Extend the language school enrollment period

Period to go to language school to study abroad

Go to language school with long-term stay

Is it possible to extend in the middle of through the language school to study abroad. In most countries, visas can be extended. In fact many of the students have extended than planned stay period. The reason is because too short a stay that had been originally planned. For example, you might consider trying to stay about one months in the planning. However, when actually go to language school to study abroad, it passed quickly month. If certainly study also month and image in the head overseas, you will feel quite such as skills go up to. However, in practice finally to the new life, the period by the time I started getting used to exit. Is to return to the long-awaited come will feel sorry. Feel too short, the extension of the language school if circumstances permit is ideal. Chance to study abroad might not in the future. There are individual differences, but at least one year in order to be able to speak fluently a foreign language is said to be necessary. Not all people can study abroad one year. People who have a job is impossible. By the long-term as long as they can do it, you can increase the skill. If the period is short, it will not be able to put enough force. In the planning stage, how much of the stay Let's consider reasonable or good.